It is 2nd part of a series of articles explaining how to use the Aladdin or Jasmine indicator. The 1st article (Link: my decision process on whether to use the indicator.

This article will take you with the same hypothetical example of choosing the 2 day timeframe.


The timeframe is one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle for my decision making. Choosing the wrong timeframe may end up causing more problems than I can take.

The process involves following the steps below:

  1. I chose the coin and add the indicator on Trading View
  2. I check different timeframes until I find one where the profitability is at least 80% or above. I also examine the net profit and drawdown.


Let us see below some results:

Below is the result using Jasmine on 12 hour timeframe. The result is very sub-optimal.

Below is the result using 1 Day timeframe. Even though the profitability is ok at 71%, the net negative profit & drawdown does not tickle my brain.

Below is the result from the 2 day timeframe. The result tickles my brain. I have 91% profitability and better than buy&hold net profit.

Below is the result using the weekly timeframe. The weekly is not so bad.

Considering overall results, it is easy to see why I have chosen the 2day timeframeNote


If I were thinking of using Aladdin, I would also backtest the same way for my initial decision making. The indicator only provides the data. The decision is individual.

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